Traction Avant

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The Clign-o-Mat is a piece of modern technology packaged in a vintage exterior.

The Clign-o-Mat must be mounted to the left side panel behind the backrest of the rear seat. Included in the package is a wire that acts as a supply for the Clign-o-Mat and runs from the dashboard to rear. Mounting is easy for a car hobbyist with a screw driver and a pair of pliers by following these instructions step by step.

Please note that this version is for 6V installations only.

You can use the Clign-o-Mat in combination with LED light bulbs and the functionality of you trailer lighting is not affected.

Contents of the Traction Avant Clign-o-Mat package:

  • A Clign-o-mat control box equipped with three crew connectors and wire loom.
  • A supply cable with connectors and 3,4 meter length.
  • 10 upholstery nails.
  • One M5 bolt for mounting.
  • Yellow connection block for left turn indicator.
  • And the installation instructions.