Universal Clign-o-Mat

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The Clign-o-Mat is a piece of modern technology packaged in a vintage exterior.

You can mount the Clign-o-Mat somewhere hidden and connect to the existing wiring harness of most vintage cars.

The Clign-o-Mat is available for 6 and 12 volt systems either with negative as well as with the -much rarer- positive ground systems.

You can use the Clign-o-Mat in combination with LED light bulbs and the functionality of you trailer lighting is not affected.

Mounting of you Clign-o-Mat is quite simple and does not require much expert knowledge of electrical systems. A hobbyist with basic knowledge of your car can do the job with the help of our installation instructions.

Contents of the universal Clign-o-Mat package:

  • The installation instructions.
  • control box equipped with 6 universal connectors.

The wiring you will have to purchase yourself. The connections are made with 5 mm eye fasteners at the crew connectors. Mounting the control box is done with a metal lip that also doubles as ground connection.