Let your brake light flash

Gives direction to safe driving.

Safer drive

Driving a classic car is and remains a great pleasure. It also makes other people happy: At least most of them. The location of your direction indicators does not help since they are at the side of your car hardly visible from the rear. It even can lead to dangerous situations and irritated drivers not seeing you want to make a turn.

The solution: Clign-o-Mat

Sometimes owners of vintage cars resort to mount extra indicator lights on the back or even use a trailer to have extra lights on the back. Understandable, but rarely with a nice result. We didn’t like these solutions so we developed the Clign-o-Mat: a unique product that uses the existing brake light units and is installed next to the original electric 6 or 12 volt system, so that the cable harness is not affected. The appearance of your classic remains completely original, and the electric system is not changed. The Clign-o-mat just adds to your existing electric harness.

Clign-o-mat : Gives direction to safe driving.

  • Your brake lights double as indicator lights for greatly improved visibility
  • Even better visibility in combination with optional LED lights
  • Uses original flashing and brake light units
  • Does not affect existing electrical infrastructure
  • Discount in the case of group purchasing by owners clubs

How does the Clign-o-Mat works?

The Clign-o-mat controls your lighting in such a way that the brake light also blinks when you take a turn. So assume you take a left turn. In that case both the left turn indicator and the left brake light blinks. If you now step on the brake simultaneously the right brake light burns continuously and the left brake light blinks. In this manner your intentions are very clear to fellow road users for the different combinations of turning and braking. You can also use the Clign-o-mat in combination with LED lamps. We admit that this is a compromise to the originality but it does help. We do deliver LED lamps as well in case you wish to install them. Take a look at the movie and convince yourself of the visibility of the Cign-o-mat solution.

Assembly and delivery

The Clign-o-mat is a piece of modern technology packaged in a vintage exterior. The Clign-o-mat is mounted at an inconspicuous place and is readily connected to the lamps and battery of your car. For some car types this is against the fire wall and for other types under the bonnet or in the back. All wiring, screws etc. are included in the package. Mounting is easy for a car hobbyist with a screw driver and a pair of pliers. Please follow the instructions step by step.

Clubs get a discount

Many car clubs organise group purchase. We do support this giving special discount. Please contact us if you are member of an owners club and you know other members are jealous of your nice Clign-o-mat. In case you drive a vintage car with the same problem we can develop a special type for this model with a dedicated wire loom and mounting materials. Contact us and we’ll see whether we can accommodate you and your fellow members.