Renault 4CV

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The Clign-o-Mat is a piece of modern technology packaged in a vintage exterior.

The Clign-o-Mat must be mounted under the bonnet on the floor next to the motor and connects easily to the lamps and battery of your car. Mounting is easy for a car hobbyist with a screw driver and a pair of pliers by following this instructions step by step.

Please note that this version is only for cars with a 6V installation.

The Clign-o-Mat can be used in combination with LED light bulbs and does not affect your trailer lights.

Contents of theRenault 4cv Clign-o-Mat package:

  • The installation instruction.
  • A Clign-o-Mat control box with wire loom attached.
  • Connection bold with washer and nut.
  • 10 tie-raps.
  • Heat shrink tube.